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Logic in Computer Science: Foundations

(4 cr)

Spring 2006 (periods III and IV)

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This is an introductory course on logic and its applications in computer science. Subjects covered: propositional logic, predicate logic, induction principle, model and proof theory, semantic/analytic tableaux, resolution, and some examples of applications.

General Information

  • This course replaces the former course T-79.144 Logic in Computer Science: Foundations.
  • Lectures are given by Prof. (pro tem), D.Sc.(Tech.) Tomi Janhunen: Mondays 12-14, hall T1, starting on the 16th of January, 2006
  • Tutorials are held by M.Sc.(Tech.) Emilia Oikarinen and Stud.Tech. Antti Hyvärinen:
    • Tuesdays, 16-17, or
    • Wednesdays, 9-10, or
    • Thursdays, 15-16, or
    • Fridays, 9-10.
    All tutorials are arranged in lecture hall T2 starting on the 17th of January, 2006.
  • Course material: lecture notes in Finnish.
  • In order to pass the course one has to
    • pass three compulsory home assignments and
    • pass an exam (with a grade greater than 0).
  • Brochure in Finnish
  • Program for Periods III and IV
  • Office hours: please see the lecturer's home page.
  • Contacts via email: the alias t793001 at is recommended. Please do not forget to mention your student ID!
  • Newsgroup: opinnot.tik.logiikka
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For Students from Previous Years

  • The last exam under the course code T-79.144 will be arranged in March 2006.
  • Any unfinished T-79.144 home assignments can be completed during the first three periods in 2005/06. This entitles one to attend examinations arranged in October 2005, January 2006, and March 2006, respectively.
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Course Material

Lecture Notes

English Track

Lectures are mainly based on two textbooks that we recommend as the main references for foreign students:

Copies of both textbooks are available in the main library as well as the library of CSE department.

In year 2000, some exercises were translated into English. Although this material is slightly outdated, it may be useful for English speaking students.

Exercises from Tutorials

Exercises to be included in the lecture notes:

Warning: you are likely to improve your grade by doing these exercises; some statistics (.pdf) collected by Emilia Oikarinen.

Tutorial attendances (updated May 2, 2006).

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Home Assignments

  • Each student receives three personal home assignments (HAs) during the spring term.
  • Grading is done using the scale passed / not passed.
  • Please observe: one must pass all the three HAs before attending exams.
  • Assignments will be delivered through our home assignment server.
  • Schedule for spring 2006:

    HA Launch date Deadline
    1 Feb 8, 2006 Feb 23, 2006, 24:00
    2 Mar 28, 2006 Apr 10, 2006, 24:00
    3 Apr 6, 2006 Apr 27, 2006, 24:00

  • If you need help with your home assignments, please attend special office hours arranged week 18 (May 2 - May 5) as follows:
    Tue 16-17, Wed 9-10, Thu 15-16, and Fri 9-10.
    These events take place in hall T2 as we are using tutorial times.
  • In spring 2006, a bonus will be granted for new students (or old students that have been assigned a completely new set of HAs) who do their all home assignments on time.
  • The respective lists of 140/98/75 students who did their first/second/third home assignment on time.
  • The list of students who are granted a homework bonus for the first two exams (May 16 and August 21).
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Course Feedback

We welcome feedback which is collected centrally in Finnish, Swedish, or English.

  • To obtain a bonus you are supposed to fill in the form by May 22, 2006, 24:00 hours.
  • A list of students who were granted the bonus.
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