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Note: Because the people and research groups of the former Laboratory for Theoretical Computer Science joined the Department of Information of Computer Science when it was founded in 2008, the information on this page is not being updated any more. So for up-to-date information, please see the research pages of the department.

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In the 1980's the research in the Laboratory for Theoretical Computer Science (former Digital Systems Lab) concentrated on Petri net theory and related verification methods leading, e.g., to widely used Petri net analysers such as Prod and Maria. In the 90's research groups in the new areas of computational logic and coding theory started. In 2001-2005 the lab expanded considerably with new professorships in computational complexity, mobility management, and cryptography. Currently, the research is focused on four areas: computational logic, computational complexity, cryptography, and distributed computation.

Research Groups

For more information on the TCS lab activities, see publications, software, computing environment, TCS Forum talks, and visitors.

Research Projects

The main sources of funding have been the Academy of Finland, the Finnish National Technology Agency (Tekes) and various companies. Below you'll find links to current and past major projects.

Current Past
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