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Note: These pages of the former Laboratory for Theoretical Computer Science are no longer maintained.
Studies at the Department of Information and Computer Science

Studying Theoretical Computer Science

Theoretical computer science develops and applies mathematical methods for systematic modelling, analysis and solution of computational problems. Such methods play a central role in the design of software systems and parallel computer architectures, routing protocols of communication networks, cryptography, VLSI design, and the development of programming languages and compilers for them.

The Theoretical Computer Science (TCS) unit of the Department of Information and Computer Science gives education in theoretical computer science structured in different ways. The Master's Programme is an intensive and deep 2-year programme aimed at B.Sc. level applicants from Finland and abroad, while the description of the module structure is intended at students in a regular B.Sc. or M.Sc. program at TKK.

Courses on Theoretical Computer Science

Note! As of lecture year 2008–2009, the home pages of all T-79 courses have been moved to the Noppa portal. See also the list of courses given by the Department of Information and Computer Science.

The following list contains links to old home pages of T-79 courses in the study programme for lecture year 2007–2008, sorted by course code.

The course codes are of the form T-79.XYZZ, where

  • X is the level number (1=general studies, 2=programme studies, 3=level 1, 4=level 2, 5=level 3, 6=special, 7=post-graduate)
  • Y represents the subfield within theoretical computer science (0=general, 1=computational logic, 2=computational complexity, 3=verification, 4=mobility management, and 5=cryptology); and
  • ZZ is a running number in the range 00-99.

[Courses before the degree reform in 2005; course correspondences]

T-79.1001 Introduction to theoretical computer science T

[Autumn 2007] [Autumn 2006] [Spring 2006] [Autumn 2005]

T-79.1002 Introduction to theoretical computer science Y

[Autumn 2007] [Autumn 2006] [Spring 2006] [Autumn 2005]

T-79.3001 Logic in computer science: foundations

[Spring 2008] [Spring 2007] [Spring 2006]

T-79.4001 Seminar on theoretical computer science

[Spring 2008] [Spring 2007] [Spring 2006]

T-79.4201 Search problems and algorithms

[Autumn 2007] [Autumn 2006] [Spring 2006]

T-79.4301 Parallel and distributed systems

[Spring 2008] [Spring 2007] [Spring 2006]

T-79.4501 Cryptography and data security

[Autumn 2007] [Autumn 2006] [Spring 2006]

T-79.5001 Student project in theoretical computer science

[This course in Noppa]

T-79.5101 Advanced course in computational logic

[Spring 2008] [Spring 2007] [Spring 2006]

T-79.5102 Special course in computational logic

[Autumn 2007] [Autumn 2006] [Autumn 2005]

T-79.5103 Computational complexity theory

[Autumn 2007] [Autumn 2006] [Autumn 2005]

T-79.5201 Discrete structures

[Autumn 2007] [Autumn 2006] [Autumn 2005]

T-79.5202 Combinatorial algorithms

[Spring 2008] [Spring 2007] [Spring 2006]

T-79.5203 Graph theory

[Spring 2008] [Spring 2007] [Spring 2006]

T-79.5204 Combinatorial models and stochastic algorithms

[Spring 2007]

T-79.5301 Reactive systems

[Spring 2008] [Spring 2007] [Spring 2006]

T-79.5302 Symbolic model checking

[Autumn 2007] [Autumn 2005]

T-79.5303 Safety critical systems

[Spring 2008] [Spring 2007] [Spring 2006]

T-79.5304 Formal conformance testing

[Autumn 2006]

T-79.5305 Formal methods

[Autumn 2006]

T-79.5501 Cryptology

[Spring 2008] [Spring 2007] [Autumn 2005]

T-79.5502 Advanced course in cryptology

[Autumn 2007] [Spring 2006]

T-79.7001 Postgraduate course in theoretical computer science

[Spring 2008] [Autumn 2007] [Spring 2007] [Autumn 2006] [Spring 2006] [Autumn 2005]

T-79.7002 Individual studies

[Old home page of course]

T-79.7003 Research course in theoretical computer science

[Autumn 2007]

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