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T-79.5303 Safety Critical Systems (4 cr)

Spring 2006

This is a basic course on Safety Critical Systems and the use of Formal Methods to verify and validate safety systems. Subjects covered this year are: Requirement Engineering, Hazard/Risk Analysis Methods, System Reliability, Safety Critical Hardware/Software and Verification/Validation Tools. We will be particularly interested in the B-method for specification and verification (used by e.g. Airbus).

The course T-79.5303 replaces the earlier course T-79.232 Safety Critical Systems .

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  • Our first lecture for spring 2006 will be on Jan. 19 at 1700 hrs in Computer Science building room T4.
  • IMPORTANT: Assignment 2006 released, due data May 5 -- see below
  • Results for the assignment ready - read on

General Information

  • The course consists of:
    • lectures (2 h per week, in English or Finnish depending on participants)
    • tutorials (1 h per week, English or Finnish, right after the lecture)
    • a compulsory home assignment

  • Registration for the course is by TOPI. You must register in order to take the course. Registration is already open, and will close on Jan 23, 2006 at 23:59.

  • In order to pass the course you have to:
    1. pass the final home assignment


Lectures by Ilkka Herttua and Teemu Tynjala will take place on Thursdays from 1700 hrs to 1900 hrs in Computer Science building lecture room T4. The tutorials are held right after the lectures. They last at most one hour. Fear not -- most days, we will finish everything by 7 PM ;) The dates for the lectures are here, the topics are announced a bit later.
  • Jan. 19 (Ilkka Herttua) Safety Systems principles
  • Jan. 26 (Ilkka Herttua) Safety Critical System Development
  • Feb. 2 (Ilkka Herttua) Elements of Safeware Program
  • Feb. 9 (Teemu Tynjala) Formal Methods - Introduction
  • Feb. 16 (Teemu Tynjala) B method - Basic Concepts
  • Feb. 23 (Teemu Tynjala) B method - Machine Consistency & Relations
  • Mar. 2 (Ilkka Herttua) Formal Methods/ Formal Specification
  • Mar. 9 --- NO LECTURE
  • Mar. 16 (Teemu Tynjala) B method - Functions, Sequence & Nondeterminism
  • Mar. 23 (Ilkka Herttua) Verification, Validation & Testing
  • Mar. 30 (Teemu Tynjala) ProB - Model Checker for B language
  • Apr. 6 (Teemu Tynjala) ProB hands-on
  • Apr. 13 ---- NO LECTURE
  • Apr. 20 (Ilkka Herttua) Tools and Applications


Home Assignment

The compulsory home assignment needed to pass the course may be downloaded here: Assignment 2006.

The B machine Access needed in the assignment is here: Access.mch

You have until midnight May 5 to return the assignment. Ilkka's questions count for approximately 40% of your grade, and the B questions for 60%. Bonus from extra assignments is counted to your benefit as well.

Good luck in the assignment!

Results for the assignment (As Word doc): RESULTS_2006




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