TCS / Studies / T-79.1002 Introduction to Theoretical Computer Science Y
Helsinki University of Technology, 
     Laboratory for Theoretical Computer Science

T-79.1002 Introduction to Theoretical Computer Science Y (2 cr)

Autumn 2005

This short course introduces the basic tools for dealing with data streams consisting of sequences of discrete symbols: finite automata and regular languages, and context-free grammars and languages.

The course covers the first half of a more extensive course on models of computation, T-79.1001 Introduction to Theoretical Computer Science T (4 cr) . For topical information, please refer to the WWW info page of that course. This short version is mainly intended for students of other study programmes than computer science (T). Computer science students, and telecommunications students following a pre-2005 curriculum, are required to take the larger course. (The course corresponding to the old course code T-79.148 is the long version T-79.1001. You can not compensate course T-79.148 in your curriculum requirements by course T-79.1002.)

Note that the course includes compulsory computer assignments that need to be completed before participating in the examination. For details, see the registration information for the larger course.

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  • Next exam Wed 14 December. Registration via TOPI.
  • The departmental course feedback questionnaires for courses in period I/2005 are accessible here from Fri 21 Oct until Fri 4 Nov. Please reply; you will earn yet another bonus point.
  • Week 43 (24--28 Oct) is exam week, and the course has neither lectures nor tutorials on that week.
  • The final exam for this short version of the course takes place on Thu 27 Oct, and covers the topics discussed in Lectures 1--6. Registration for the exam is open in TOPI until Mon 24 Oct, 8 a.m.
  • As a general requirement, all compulsory Regis assignments must have been completed before participating in any exam of the course. Exam papers for students with outstanding Regis assignments will not be graded. Really!
  • As an added bonus, anyone who completes their Regis assignments by the early-bird deadline of Thursday 27 October, 9 a.m., receives two extra exam points that will be used to increase any passing grade earned for the course by October 2006. (However these points cannot be used to change a failing grade to a passing one.)


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