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T-79.5304 Formal Conformance Testing (4 cr) P

Autumn 2006

The course T-79.5304 replaces the course T-79.190 Testing of Concurrent Systems and will be lectured by M.Sc. (Tech.) Antti Huima ( in Autumn 2006 in Teaching Periods I (September – October) and II (October – December).

Course Description


This is a course on formal conformance testing (FCT), which is nowadays often actually called model-based testing or model driven testing (MDT).

FCT / MDT is a way to automatize both the design and the execution of black-box tests when a specification ("model") of the desired behaviour of the system under test is available. It is a new approach to software quality assurance whose importance is growing constantly.

The course's lecturer, M.Sc. Antti Huima is the managing director for Conformiq Software (formerly chief scientist), a Finnish company working in the area of model driven testing. The course is, however, about the theory and general concepts, not about Conformiq's particular implementation of the concepts.

Fore more information about the FCT / MDT approach, you can start at, or Wikipedia.


  • Basic concepts and theory about systems and their behaviours, including infinite-state systems with time
  • Formal notions of conformance and testing
  • Abstract algorithms for FCT / MDT
  • Advanced issues: measuring test coverage, issues with real-time execution of tests, implementing FCT / MDT algorithms in the real world

General Information

  • Lectures by special teacher, M.Sc. Antti Huima
    • Time: Thursday from 10.15 am to 11.45 am, beginning 14th September 2006
    • Location: TB353
  • Course material: Hand-outs, including hard copies of slides
  • Passing: To pass the course, one must pass the examination. There are no other requirements.
  • Next examinations: Examinations for Autumn 2006 have not been allocated yet. They will be held during the usual examination periods.
  • Contacts: A newsgroup for the course may exist but it is not followed by the lecturer. Please use e-mail:

Lecture Notes


Sep 14Introduction. Events and traces. UML statecharts.
Sep 21Demonstration of formal conformance testing and model-based testing in practice—testing a SIP protocol stack.
Sep 28CANCELLED—lecturer out of country.
Oct 5Traces. Specifications. Seriality. Abstract execution of systems.
Oct 12Test steps. Test execution. Test verdicts.
Oct 19CANCELLED—lecturer guest speaker elsewhere.
Oct 26CANCELLED—lecturer out of continent.
Nov 2Testing strategies. Programs and models as specifications.
Nov 9Conformance. Abstract algorithms for formal conformance testing.
Nov 16Implementing formal conformance testing.
Nov 23CANCELLED—again, lecturer out of country.
Nov 30IOCO. Advanced topics.

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