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T-79.5502 Advanced Course in Cryptology (5 cr) P

The course T-79.5502 replaces either the course T-79.513 Seminar on Cryptography and Security Protocols or either the course T-79.514 Special Course on Cryptology or the course T-79.515 Cryptology: Special Topics.

Course in Spring 2006.

Autumn 2007

The course T-79.5502 will be given by Professor Kaisa Nyberg .

General Information

The course consists of a few lectures by the instructor and a number of seminar presentations by the students.

  • Prerequisites: T-79.5501 Cryptology (or T-79.503 Foundations of Cryptology ) is required.
  • Lectures and Seminars: Tuesdays and Thursdays 12-14, hall TB353 starting from the 1st of November. Lectures and Seminars are held in English.
  • Course material:
    • Textbook
      Wenbo Mao: Modern Cryptography, Theory and Practice,
      Prentice Hall, New Jersey, 2004
  • Requirements:
    • To pass the course the student must give a presentation in the seminar and take the exam. The area of the exam is all material covered in the lectures and seminar presentations.
  • Exams:
    • Tuesday, the 8th of January 2008, at 9-12 in T1
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Course Plan

The course has two parts. The first part (Mar 14 - Apr 6) consists of lectures given by the teacher. The second part (Apr 20 - May 4) consists of seminar presentations given by the students. The topics will be distributed to the students at the first lecture the 14th of March.


  • Thu Nov 1
    Seminar Course Agenda and distribution of topics pdf
    Introduction (Ch 1, 2) pdf
  • Tue Nov 6
    Computational Complexity (Ch 4) pdf
  • Thu Nov 8
    Insecurity of Text-book Crypto (Ch 8) pdf
  • Tue Nov 13
    Bit Security (Ch 9) pdf ;
    Authentication, Simmons theory pdf
  • Thu Nov 15
    Sven Laur: Formal and Strong Security Definitions I (Sections 14.1-4) pdf
  • Tue Nov 20
    Sven Laur: Formal and Strong Security Definitions II (Chapter 14) pdf
  • Tue Nov 27
    Sven Laur: Strong and Provable Security for ElGamal type Signatures (Sections 16.1-3) pdf

Seminar Agenda

  • Thu Nov 22
    Billy Bob Brumley
    ID-based authentication frameworks and primitives (Ch 13) pdf
  • Thu Nov 29
    Olli Pottonen
    Formal specification of authentication protocols (Sections 17.2 and 17.3) pdf
  • Tue Dec 4
    Jukka Valkonen
    MANA IV Proof of Security pdf
  • Tue Dec 11
    Olli Ahonen
    RSA-OAEP and Cramer-Shoup (Sections 15.2-3) pdf
  • Thu Dec 13
    Risto Hakala
    On linear cryptanalysis of stream ciphers pdf

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