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Note: These pages of the former Laboratory for Theoretical Computer Science are no longer maintained.
Studies at the Department of Information and Computer Science

Postgraduate Studies in Theoretical Computer Science

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The Theoretical Computer Science major of the Department of Information and Computer Science is responsible for Master's (and Bachelor's) level and postgraduate education in theoretical computer science. The research and postgraduate studies in TCS cover basic theoretical computer science as well as its engineering applications. The teaching and research are focused on four main areas:

More information regarding TCS research activities can be found out by reading up on our research groups and most important research projects, publications and theses.

A major emphasis in the TCS major is on postgraduate education in computer science which is mainly carried out in research projects funded by Academy of Finland and Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (Tekes), and in Helsinki Graduate School in Computer Science and Engineering (HeCSE), where the ICS department plays an active role. The HeCSE graduate school offers long-term funding for its students and enables full-time postgraduate studies. Besides getting funding from HeCSE, postgraduates also work in the department's research projects and similar projects carried out by the industry. Also the department's close international contacts give substantial support to research and postgraduate studies.

Postgraduate courses

Every postgraduate student should agree upon the courses to include in the major and minor subjects of the postgraduate studies individually with the professors of the respective subjects. The following list of courses includes the Theoretical Computer Science courses acceptable as part of postgraduate studies.

  T-79.5101    Advanced Course in Computational Logic   (4 cr) 
  T-79.5102    Special Course in Computational Logic   (4 cr) 
  T-79.5103    Computational Complexity Theory   (5 cr) 
  T-79.5201    Discrete Structures   (4 cr) 
  T-79.5202    Combinatorial Algorithms   (4 cr) 
  T-79.5203    Graph Theory   (5 cr) 
  T-79.5204    Combinatorial Models and Stochastic Algorithms   (6 cr) 
  T-79.5301    Reactive Systems   (4 cr) 
  T-79.5302    Symbolic Model Checking   (4 cr) 
  T-79.5304    Formal Conformance Testing   (4 cr) 
  T-79.5305    Formal Methods   (4 cr) 
  T-79.5501    Cryptology   (5 cr) 
  T-79.5502    Advanced Course in Cryptology   (5 cr) 
  T-79.7001    Postgraduate Course in Theoretical Computer Science   (2–10 cr) 
  T-79.7002    Individual Studies   (1–10 cr) 
  T-79.7003    Research Course in Theoretical Computer Science   (1–10 cr) 

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