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T-79.4001 Seminar on Theoretical Computer Science (3 cp) V

Spring 2006

This seminar, which is part of the major studies in Theoretical Computer Science, deals with annually varying topics of current interest in the field. The Spring 2006 instantiation of the seminar will be concerned with performance analysis, measurements and estimation of wireless communication and especially mobility management.

The course T-79.4001 replaces either the course T-79.192 Special Course in Theoretical Computer Science or the course T-79.194 Seminar on Theoretical Computer Science. The course T-79.4001 will be arranged by Professor Hannu H. Kari in Spring 2006 in Teaching Periods III (January 16 – March 3) and IV (March 12 – May 5).


    Seminar will start on Wednesday 18th of January at 15.15 in Seminar room TB353.


  • Time, place: Wednesdays 15.15-18.00, seminar room TB353.
  • Coordinator: Prof. Hannu H. Kari, room TB253.
  • Registration by TOPI.
  • Prerequisites: Basic understanding of computer networks and their protocols (e.g. T-110.350 or T-110.4100) and mathematics.
  • Credits: Seminar presentation plus written summary paper (5-10 pp.) 3 cp. In addition, feedback must be provided for the speakers of at least three other sessions using the respective electronic forms. (Forms will be available via the seminar schedule below.)


  • Pointers to seminar material will be linked to the schedule below by coordinator.
  • An electronic copy of the seminar paper must be mailed by the presenter to the coordinator by Monday 12 noon of the presentation week. The paper will then be linked to the schedule below, for distribution to the other seminar participants. If the presenter provides archivable slides, these will also be linked to the schedule after the presentation.


Contact professor to reserve your presentation slot and topic.
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