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T-79.4501 Cryptography and Data Security (4 cr)

Spring 2006

The course T-79.4501 replaces the course T-79.159 Cryptography and Data Security and will be lectured by Professor Kaisa Nyberg in Spring 2006 in Teaching Period III .

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General Information

  • Lectures (4 hours a week) by Prof. Kaisa Nyberg, starting from the 12th of September, and ending on the 24th of October:
    • Tuesdays 12-14, hall T4
    • Thursdays 12-14, hall T4
    Lectures are held in Finnish but all additional material is provided in English.
  • Exercise sessions (two alternative groups, from which one is given in English and one in Finnish):
    • Group 1: Mondays 12-14, hall T4 in Finnish by Jukka Valkonen
    • Group 2: Wednesdays 12-14, hall T4 in English by Billy Brumley
    Additional exam points (max. 6 pts.) can be obtained by doing homework exercises and participating in the exercise classes. Exercises are not mandatory but strongly recommended.
  • Course material: The course is based on lecture slides which will appear on this page together with the weekly homework. The following book is strongly recommended as background reading:
    • Cryptography and Network Security, Principles and Practices, by W. Stallings. Third edition, Pearson Education 2003, ISBN 0-13-091429-0
  • Exams: In order to pass the course, one has to pass the exam. Note that extra bonus points can be obtained by active participation in the exercise classes. The exam dates in Spring 2006 are as follows:
    • Monday, the 6th of March in T1
    • Thursday, the 12th of May in T1
  • Newsgroup: opinnot.tik.salaus

Course Feedback

We welcome feedback which is collected centrally in Finnish, Swedish, or English.

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Lecture Notes

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Exercises and solutions

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