Tik-79.144 Logic in Computer Science: Foundations

Autumn 1996 (Autumn 1997)

This is an introductory course on logic and its applications in computer science. Subjects covered are: propositional and predicate logic, model theory, proof theory, semantic/analytic tableaux, resolution.

General Information


Home Assignments


September 16th: Lecture 1
Introduction, syntax of propositional logic (pages 1-9), tutorial (solutions)
September 23rd: Lecture 2
Truth tables, semantic tableaux (pages 10-29), tutorial (solutions)
September 30th
October 7th: Lecture 3
Soundness and completeness of tableaux, Hilbert-style axiomatizations, normal forms (pages 30-43), tutorial (solutions)
October 14th: Lecture 4
Resolution in propositional logic (pages 43-69), tutorial (solutions)
October 21st: Lecture 5
Predicate logic and its semantics (pages 73-89), tutorial (solutions)
October 28th: Lecture 6
Semantic tableaux for predicate logic, Hilbert-style axiomatization (pages 97-115), tutorial (solutions)
November 4th: Lecture 7
Normal forms, skolemization, Herbrand's theorem, unification (pages 116-131), tutorial (solutions)
November 11th: Lecture 8
Constructing structures (the 2nd home assignment), resolution, knowledge representation (pages 131-144), tutorial (solutions)
November 18th: Lecture 9
Knowledge presentation with predicate logic, theorem prover OTTER, tutorial (solutions)
November 25th: Lecture 10
Resolution in PROLOG, negation by failure (pages 145-188), tutorial (solutions)
December 2nd: Lecture 11
Review of the lectures 1-10, Rehearsal examination (tutorials)

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