Tik-79.144 Logic in Computer Science: Foundations

Autumn 1997 (Autumn 1998 ) (Autumn 1996 )

This is an introductory course on logic and its applications in computer science. Subjects covered are: propositional and predicate logic, model theory, proof theory, semantic/analytic tableaux, resolution.

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Home Assignments

Lectures and Tutorials

Please avoid unnecessary printing of the material to save printers, paper and thus nature. The slides and tutorials can be ordered as lecture notes (opetusmonisteet).

Timetable and contents (page numbers refer to the first edition):

September 15: Lecture 1
Introduction, syntax of propositional logic (pages 1-9), tutorial (solutions)
September 22: Lecture 2
Truth tables, semantic tableaux (pages 10-29), tutorial (solutions)
September 29: Lecture 3
Soundness and completeness of semantic tableaux, Hilbert-style axiomatizations, normal forms (pages 30-43), tutorial (solutions)
October 6: Lecture 4
Resolution in propositional logic (pages 43-69), tutorial (solutions)
October 13: Lecture 5
Predicate logic and its semantics (pages 73-89), tutorial (solutions)
October 20: Lecture 6
Semantic tableaux for predicate logic (pages 97-115), tutorial (solutions)
October 27: Lecture 7
Hilbert-style axiomatization, normal forms, skolemization, Herbrand's theorem, unification (pages 116-131), tutorial (solutions)
November 3: Lecture 8
Constructing structures, unification algorithm, resolution (pages 131-144), tutorial (solutions)
November 10: Lecture 9
Knowledge presentation with predicate logic, theorem prover OTTER (manual), tutorial (solutions)
November 17: Lecture 10
Resolution in PROLOG, negation by failure (pages 145-188), tutorial (solutions)
November 24: Review of Lectures 1-10
Tutorials: help for home assignments
December 1: Review of Lectures 1-10
Tutorials: rehearsal examination
December 8: Additional office hour (12-14): help for home assignments
Tutorials: help for home assignments

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