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T-79.232 Safety-Critical Systems (2 cr)

Spring 2005

This course will be lectured next time in Spring 2005.

This is a basic course on Safety Critical Systems and the use of Formal Methods to verify and validate safety systems. Subjects covered this year are: Requirement Engineering, Hazard/Risk Analysis Methods, System Reliability, Safety Critical Hardware/Software and Verification/Validation Tools.

General Information

  • Lectures by Ilkka Herttua ( and Teemu Tynjälä ( Wednesdays 17-19, room TB353. The course starts on Jan. 19.
  • Tutorials by lecturers: Wednesdays 19-20, room TB353
  • Course material: N. Storey: Safety Critical Systems (some copies available in HUT libraries)
    Lecture notes.
    We shall be gradually changing our book to Leveson: Safeware. If you are planning to buy a book for this course, I'd choose Leveson over Storey already this spring.
  • In order to pass the course one has to
    • pass the home assignments

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Lecture Contents

A preliminary plan for lectures (times + contents) lecture schedule is here: LECTURES IN SPRING 2005

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Lecture Slides

(In English, PowerPoint Format)

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Case Study Slides

(in English, PDF format)

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Home Assignments

The Home Assignment for year 2005 can be downloaded here: THE ASSIGNMENT


The due date is May 12, 2005. Return your answers via email to both and

Thanks again for a great course. Have a great spring and summer.

Ilkka and Teemu.


Here are the results... I've indicated only your Student ID's last 3 digits as well as the letter in the end: RESULTS

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