TCS / Studies / T-79.300 / Spring 2002

T-79.300 Postgraduate Course in Theoretical Computer Science

Spring 2002 (2-10 cr)

The postgraduate TCS course will this semester be in the form of a seminar on fitness landscapes, i.e. the geometrical, statistical and computational characteristics of the hypersurfaces determined by natural or artificial fitness (cost, potential, energy) functions. Although one might superficially think that not much can be said at this level of generality, the study of fitness landscapes has in fact recently become quite an active area of research, and many interesting phenomena have been uncovered. In this seminar, we shall get acquainted with some fundamental fitness landscape families, their known characteristics, and approaches to analysing them. There are many unresolved issues in this field, and it is our purpose to get up-to-date on the state of the research. Some of the questions we aim to address are: the existence of in some sense "universal" families of fitness landscapes; the characteristics of computationally "easy" vs. "hard" landscapes; threshold/phase transition phenomena in parameterised landscapes; and the use of landscape information in adaptive search and optimisation algorithms.





Seminar material

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