T-79.5101 Advanced Course in Computational Logic

Schedule (Spring 2008)

Period III

Lecture 1 (22.1.2008)
Introduction to the course [ps] [pdf]
Introduction to modal logics [ps] [pdf]
Lecture 2 (29.1.2008)
Possible world semantics [ps] [pdf]
Lecture 3 (5.2.2008)
Basic properties of possible world semantics [ps] [pdf]
Lecture 4 (12.2.2008)
Some well-behaving modal logics [ps] [pdf]
Lecture 5 (19.2.2008)
Hilbert-style proof theory [ps] [pdf]
Lecture 6 (26.2.2008)
Tableau method [ps] [pdf]
Lecture 7 (4.3.2008)
Tableau method (continued)

Period IV

Lecture 8 (18.3.2008)
Finite model property, decidability, relation to predicate logic, multi-modal logics, and computational complexity [ps] [pdf]
No lecture (25.3.2008)
Easter holidays
Lecture 9 (1.4.2008)
Introduction to temporal logics CTL, LTL, and CTL* [ps] [pdf]
Lecture 10 (8.4.2008)
Expressing properties with temporal logics [ps] [pdf]
Lecture 11 (15.4.2008)
Model checking in temporal logics [ps] [pdf]
Lecture 12 (22.4.2008)
Tableau method for temporal logics [ps] [pdf]
Lecture 13 (29.4.2008)
Tableau method (continued), course review and feedback