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T-79.514 Special Course on Cryptology (2-6 cr)

Autumn 2004: Cryptanalysis of Secret-Key Primitives

Next seminar: 21.10.04

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General Information

  • Seminars lead by Helger Lipmaa. Office TB249. Office hours: by appointment.
  • Time and room: Thursday 16-18 TB353. The first seminar is on 23.09.2004.
  • Course material: papers and surveys on the subjects (see schedule). More information follows later.
  • To pass the course: see Course Organization (
  • No newsgroup. No brochure in Finnish. No exams.

In this seminar, we are studying the security of symmetric cryptosystems: block ciphers, stream ciphers, hash functions, etc. The choice of this topic was motivated by the recent attacks (August 2004) on some fairly standard hash functions. We plan to cover those, among with attacks on other ciphers. We also study how to design provable secure ciphers, and whether "provable security" actually gives something.

Signing up for the seminar

Fastest way: use Webtopi. If you are not from your university (and thus do not have an account at webtopi, then please send an email to the professor by 22 September 2004 with the following information:

  • Name, student id, department
  • Information about yourself (list of publications, prerequisites, work experience that is relevant, description of your knowledge of area, a short research plan...).

This additional information is not needed if you have participated in Lipmaa's seminars before. Still, please send an email unless you register by webtopi.

Registered students (contact us or register in webtopi if your name is not here): Billy Brumley, Phil Carmody, Viktor Gál, Tatiana Issaeva, Miklos Jakab, Matti Järvisalo, Mikko Kiviharju, Emilia Käsper, Sven Laur, Sikha Rao, Lauri Tarkkala, Alexey Vyskubov.


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