TCS / Studies / T-79.144 / 2001
Helsinki University of Technology, 
     Laboratory for Theoretical Computer Science

T-79.144 Logic in Computer Science: Foundations

Autumn 2001

This is an introductory course on logic and its applications in computer science. Subjects covered are: propositional and predicate logic, induction principle, model and proof theory, semantic/analytic tableaux, and resolution.

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General Information

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Home Assignments

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Lectures and Tutorials

Tentative schedule for Autumn 2001

September 11: Lecture 1
Registration, Practical Arrangements, Introduction, and Prerequisites (slides in ps and pdf)
September 18: No lecture this week, but tutorials (on prerequisites) are arranged
Tutorial 1 (exercises in ps and pdf)
September 25: Lecture 2
Syntax and semantics of propositional logic (slides 1-27 in Package I)
Tutorial 2 (exercises in ps and pdf)
October 2: Lecture 3
Basic semantical definitions, introduction to semantic tableaux (slides 28-52 in Package I)
Tutorial 3 (exercises in ps and pdf)
October 9: Lecture 4
Semantic tableaux: properties and use (slides 53-72 in Package I)
Tutorial 4 (exercises in ps and pdf)
October 16: Lecture 5
Alternative proof systems (by Hilbert and Suppes), normal forms (slides 73-103 in Package I)
Tutorial 5 (exercises in ps and pdf)
October 23: Lecture 6
Clausal form and resolution (slides 104-129 in Package I)
Tutorial 6 (exercises in ps and pdf)
October 30: Lecture 7
Computational complexity (slides 130-139 in Package I),
Syntax of predicate logic (slides 1-20 in Package II)
Tutorial 7 (exercises in ps and pdf)
November 6: Lecture 8
Semantics of predicate logic, semantic tableaux (slides 21-51 in Package II)
Tutorial 8 (exercises in ps and pdf)
November 13: Lecture 9
Complete systematic tableaux, Hilbert's system, normal forms (slides 52-80 in Package II)
Tutorial 9 (exercises in ps and pdf)
November 20: Lecture 10
Representing knowledge with predicate logic, Herbrand's theorem (slides 81-119 in Package II)
Tutorial 10 (exercises in ps and pdf)
November 27: Lecture 11
Unification, resolution (slides 120-146 in Package II)
Tutorial 11 (exercises in ps and pdf)
December 4: Lecture 12
Some applications: theorem prover OTTER, logic programming, correctness considerations of programs (package III)
Tutorial 12 (exercises in ps and pdf)
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