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T-79.190 Testing of Concurrent Systems (2 cr)

Autumn 2004

Conformance: correspondence in form or appearance.
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This class was lectured last time in Autumn 2002, and will be lectured next time in Autumn 2004. The class was not lectured in 2003.

This is a class on formal conformance testing. Subjects covered this year include but are not limited to:

  • Introduction to conformance testing
  • Formal conformance testing and its automatisation
  • Testing of timed and infinite-state systems
  • Estimation of testing coverage

Please read the brochure (it is written in Finnish).

General Information

  • Lectures by M.Sc. (Tech) Antti Huima (
    Tuesdays 8-10 am, T3.
    First lecture 14th September 2004.
  • Tutorials by the lecturer:
    Tuesdays 10-11 am, T3.
  • Class material:
    Lectures, lecture notes, tutorials, and tutorial model solutions.
  • In order to pass the class one has to
    • pass the exam (with a grade greater than 0).
  • Newsgroup: The newsgroup opinnot.tik.t79190 is available for general discussion regarding the subject matter of the class. However, all official information is present only in the web. All questions and inquiries related to the class should be sent via e-mail to the lecturer.
  • Next examinations:
    1. Thursday 16th December, from 4 to 7 pm, T1/T2.
  • Requirements for examination: Class material.

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Schedule and Material

WeekDate Lectures Tutorial Subjects General Notes Lecture Notes Slides
3814.9.2004YesNo Introduction. Main framework. Concurrent Scheme as process notation. Course begins. Handouts chapters 1 and 2 (22 pages, PDF) Slides lectures 1-20 [6 mostly black-and-white slides per page for printing]
3921.9.2004YesNo Traces. Specifications. Implementations. Testing strategies. Execution.
4028.9.2004 YesExercises 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.5 from the handouts Test steps and execution. Test verdicts. This week's lectures and tutorials were originally cancelled, but they can be given after all.
415.10.2004No No Lectures cancelled due to personal reasons Handouts chapter 3 (9 pages, PDF)

Does not cover the on-the-fly testing algorithm. Algorithms come later in the handouts.

4212.10.2004Yes Exercises 2.4, 2.6 from the handouts Scheme programs as implementations, testing strategies, testers, specifications.
4319.10.2004Yes[Continued with previous exercises] Conformance is trace inclusion. Basic on-the-fly testing algorithm.
4426.10.2004YesExercises 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6 from the handouts Basic economics of testing. Handouts chapter 4-6 (12 pages, PDF)
452.11.2004YesYes Testing algorithms. Trace inclusion checking. Planning.
4716.11.2004YesYes Symbolic testing algorithms. Symbolic trace inclusion checking. Implementation issues. LECTURED NORMALLY
4823.11.2004YesYes The IOCO testing theory and its critique.
4930.11.2004YesNo Advanded topics.
507.12.2004YesNoConclusions and voluntary pre-examination. Voluntary pre-examination for those who want to estimate their current level of learning. Pre-examination questions (IN FINNISH, 5 pages, PDF) [ no slides ]
51 16.12.2004 EXAMINATION 4-7 PM (T1 / T2)

Handouts in print

The following table summarizes handouts that have been delivered to Edita for printing and delivery. The date corresponds to the time when the handouts have been handed to the Editor (this year Mr. Kimmo Nupponen).

Note: slides are not distributed via Edita, because equivalent material is already available in the official handouts.

Date Content
21.9.2004 Handouts chapters 1 and 2
26.10.2004 Handouts chapter 3
7.12.2004 Handouts chapters 4-6

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Course feedback

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Old examinations for download

From here you can download (in PostScript form) previous examinations for this class. NOTE THAT THE CONTENT OF THE CLASS HAS BEEN DEVELOPED FURTHER AND THAT THESE EXAMINATIONS ARE BASED ON THE OLD CONTENT.
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