GO-CORE is a three year project which researches mobility management in heterogeneous IPv6 networks. It started in April 2003 and is funded by TEKES, Ericsson, Nokia, Elisa, Auria, SSH, Tecnomen and the ministry of defence. GO-CORE continues the work of the GO project (1998-2002) which researched technologies enabling the provision of services for a mobile user. The project is supervised by professor Hannu Kari.


The project group consists of four people:

Main research topics


The project developes a Mobile IPv6 implementation for Linux, MIPL. Use of Mobile IPv6 allows a mobile user to maintain her connectivity and reachability in spite of movement. It also enables mobility between different network types, e.g. WLAN and GPRS.

In this project MIPL is used as a platform for providing host and network mobility in IPv6 networks. The project will also develop additional software prototypes for management of network mobility and Internet connectivity for Ad Hoc networks.


The publications will be listed here when they appear.
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