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In January 2008, as a result of TKK's organisational reform, the former TKK Laboratory for Theoretical Computer Science (TCS) joined together with the former TKK Laboratory of Computer and Information Science (CIS), to form the new Department of Information and Computer Science (ICS). So for up-to-date information, please see ICS home page, as the main rule is that the present TCS pages are not being updated any more.

Laboratory for Theoretical Computer Science (TCS) was one of the laboratories of the former Department of Computer Science and Engineering (which was a faculty-like unit that predated the organisational reform of 2008) at Helsinki University of Technology (TKK). TCS laboratory was responsible for teaching basic theoretical computer science. The Master's level and postgraduate education and research in TCS laboratory focused on the following main areas: computational logic, computational complexity, cryptography, and distributed computation.

TCS laboratory was also offering Master's Programme in Foundations of Advanced Computing for international students.

A major emphasis in TCS laboratory was on postgraduate education in computer science, which was mainly carried out in research projects funded by the Academy of Finland and the Finnish National Technology Agency (Tekes) and in Helsinki Graduate School in Computer Science and Engineering (HeCSE).

[For more details in Finnish, see an introduction to TCS laboratory.]

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