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T-79.511 Special Course on Cryptology

Autumn 2001: Zero-Knowledge

News: more news on this seminar will be sent by me to an small list of students who was present in the first seminar. if you want to be added to this list, please send me an email. (26.09.01)

The seminar is now over!

Room: T2 is booked on Wednesdays, 26.9 , 3.10 , 10.10 , 17.10 and 24.10 at 16-18. The last seminars were in T3.

Signing up for the seminar

(Past) Students interested (except invited students) in participating should send an email to by 26 September 2001 with the following information:

Since the number of topics is limited to ~20, we will possibly have to reject several students. A nice positive CV is one of the prerequisites (although not the only one) for not being rejected.

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