TCS / Studies / T-79.514 Special Course on Cryptology
Helsinki University of Technology, 
     Laboratory for Theoretical Computer Science

T-79.514 Special Course on Cryptology (2-6 cr)

Autumn 2004: Cryptanalysis of Secret-Key Primitives


The seminar is scheduled to be once a week. During most of the seminars, either one or two students will present an about 30 minutes long presentation and a written survey of 4-5 pages on some subject, followed by short discussions, so that every seminar will take approximately 100 minutes.

Survey and presentation slides will be made available on the web. The survey must be available to the tutor one week before the presentation. (The only possible exception is the first presenter.)

Graduation Requirements

To graduate, every student must submit his or her survey timely, give a good presentation, be able to answer to the discussions Grading will also based on the participation during discussion providing constructive feedback to others.

Document formats

Both surveys and reviews are expected to be typeset in LaTeX, using the standard fonts and fontsizes. Please submit both the LaTeX source file and a .pdf or .ps version.

Please see the year 2003 course for example papers and reviews.

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