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Helsinki University of Technology, 
     Laboratory for Theoretical Computer Science

T-79.189 Student Project in Theoretical Computer Science (3 cr)

Autumn & Spring

Teachers: the Professors of the TCS major and the Teaching Researchers of the TCS lab

Other Instructors: Postgraduate Research Staff of TCS

Coordinator: Kimmo Varpaaniemi

Contents: Independent student project on a subject from the field of theoretical computer science. The project is usually done individually but can be done in groups of up to three people.

Note: the course T-79.189 can be replaced by taking the course T-79.5001 Student Project in Theoretical Computer Science.


The aim of the course is to make an individual scientific project in the field of theoretical computer science. The topic of the project can either be suggested by the student or you can ask the instructors for an open topic. Discuss with your instructor whether a topic and the amount of work needed to complete it is suitable for a student project before starting to work on a project.

One of the main objectives of the individual project is to practice the writing of scientific text. Thus the report should follow the standards set for writing scientific reports: to have a good structure, to use references correctly, etc. (cf. the links section below). Even though a student project is significantly smaller than a Master's Thesis, almost all information about writing a Master's Thesis is applicable to the writing of the student project report.


There are two standard forms of a cover page: one for manuscripts written in English (LaTeX, PostScript, PDF), and one for manuscripts written in Finnish (LaTeX, PostScript, PDF).

Some Open Subjects

Useful Links

Contact coordinator of student projects Kimmo Varpaaniemi for more information.

Some Completed Projects

Project Lang. Accepted on Student Supervisor
Miinaharavapelin ratkaisija Finn. Sep 10, 2003 Timo Lilja Ilkka Niemelä
Model Based Test Tool Evaluation Engl. Nov 01, 2003 Jari Rosti Ilkka Niemelä
On the Practical Value of Dichotomy Theorems Related to SAT Engl. Feb 16, 2004 Topi Pohjolainen Kimmo Varpaaniemi

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