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     Laboratory for Theoretical Computer Science

TCS Computing Cluster

The cluster is rack-mounted and its nodes intercommunicate via a gigabit ethernet switch. Each node has two 2.0GHz Intel Xeon 5130 dualcore processors (that is, a total of four cores). In all, there are the following nodes:

  • file server node: 8GB memory and 6 x 500GB disks
  • front-end node: 8GB memory and 2 x 120GB disks
  • 20 compute nodes: each with 16GB memory and 250GB disk

The file server node runs Debian Linux while all the other nodes run Rocks Linux.

The cluster is called "Pythia" and, accordingly, the internet address of the front-end node is

Further information on Pythia is available here (only accessible from within TCS intranet).

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Latest update: 02 October 2007. Eero Lassila