Summer Internships at the TKK Department of Information and Computer Science

The TKK Department of Information Computer Science's unit for Theoretical Computer Science is seeking student interns for Summer 2008.

The unit for Theoretical Computer Science, in the Department of Information and Computer Science pursues internationally acknowledged research in four thematic areas: computational logic, computational complexity, verification and cryptology.

The qualifications required for a summer internship are a successful study record and interest in scientific work. Each intern will be appointed a personal mentor who advises him or her in the relevant research. The work can often be counted towards the intern's curriculum requirements as a student research/programming project. Successful interns can continue their work at the department as either full or part time research assistants, often extending work started as a summer project into a diploma thesis.

Internship projects planned for Summer 2008 include:

  • Optimisation in distributed information networks
  • Model-based safety analysis of automation systems
  • Implementing interface specification methods for Java
  • Program development for software testing and verification systems
  • Distributed model checking with the computing cluster
  • Implementation of elliptic curve cryptosystems
  • Implementation of linear cryptanalysis
  • Developing software for implementations of constraint programming and propositional satisfiability checking systems
  • Automatic generation and checking of homework exercises

Applications for internship should be sent by 31 Jan 2008 to Laboratory Manager Jukka Valkonen either per e-mail as plain text or as a pdf file to "Jukka.Valkonen@tkk.fi" or per postal mail to "Jukka Valkonen, PL 5400, 02015 TKK". An up-to-date study transcript and a CV must be appended. In addition, each application must contain:

  • a brief statement of purpose (motivation for applying to the given task)
  • a brief characterisation of the type of work of primary interest
  • a brief argument for preferring the present applicant over others.

Any inquiries concerning the application process should be directed to Jukka Valkonen either per e-mail to "Jukka.Valkonen@tkk.fi" or per phone to (09) 451 3366. The first invitations to job interviews will be done (by phone) on Fri 1 Feb, 13-15 and the planned time for interviewing the applicants is Wed 6 Feb, 09:00-13:00.
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