TCS / Studies / T-79.515 - Spring 2004


Missing presenter/opponent names means that the corresponding position is still open. (In such cases, the concrete topic might be relocated to a different date.) Missing topic names means that the course has not yet been planned to this far in such a level of details. In preparing your own survey, please use Petteri's .tex file as a formatting example. (See here for the outcomes of T-79.514 in 2004.) Please also use the slide templates: template.tex and init.tex. Process your slides, if possible, by pdflatex, and return them in a .pdf format. The survey could be returned in .ps, .pdf or both.

Preliminary (tentative! The order might be rescheduled, topics changed, etc) schedule follows. Details can be changed, so be uptodate!

Holes in the schedule: some seminars will be cancelled. Currently I know that I will be travelling on Feb 10 and March 2. It will be announced in advance. To compensate it, we will have 2 seminars on some of the Wednesdays.

All papers are accessible from here.
DateSubject(sl)ides, (su)rveysPresenter
20.01.2004Course introduction. Giving the assignments
General introslHelger Lipmaa--
03.02.2004Informal Meeting
24.02.2004 Privacy-preserving Distributed Mining of Association Rules on Horizontally Partitioned Datasl suSven Laur
Auditing Boolean AttributesslAlexey Vyskubov
09.03.2004 Privacy Preserving Association Rule Mining in Vertically Partitioned DataslMarkus Miettinen
23.03.2004Privacy-Preserving Cooperative Statistical AnalysisslTatiana Issaeva
30.03.2004k-Anonymity: A model for protecting privacy (L Sweeney) slGeorge Alexandridis
27.04.2004 Extending Oblivious Transfer EfficientlyslGeorge Alexandridis
Privacy-Preserving Multivariate Statistical AnalysisslTatiana Issaeva
Private Set Intersection ProtocolsSven Laur

The choice of the topics is not final. If you have a topic yourself, please let me know.

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