TCS / Studies / T-79.230 / 2001
Helsinki University of Technology, 
     Laboratory for Theoretical Computer Science

Tik-79.230 Foundations of Agent-Based Computing

Spring 2001

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Topics of this course include theory, implementation technology and applications of agent-based systems.

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General Information



January 16: Practical arrangements, brief introduction to agents
Introduction, RoboCup demo arranged in the tutorial
January 23: Intelligent agents
Lecture 1, no tutorial this week
January 30: Uncertainty
Lecture 2, Tutorial 1 (solutions)
February 6: Belief networks
Lecture 3, Tutorial 2 (solutions)
February 13: Making simple decisions
Lecture 4, Tutorial 3 (solutions)
February 20:
No lecture nor tutorial this week !!!
February 27: Making complex decisions
Lecture 5, Tutorial 4 (solutions)
March 6: Learning
Lecture 6, Tutorial 5 (solutions)

Seminar Presentations

Are based on selected articles from a collection edited by Huhns, M. and Singh, M.: Readings in Agents, Morgan Kaufmann, 1997. Please consult the list of contents and send email to the lecturer to make a reservation. You may choose any of the following articles (x.y.z refers to the z^th article in Chapter x.y of the collection): 2.1.2-5, 2.3.2, 2.4.4, 3.1.2-4, 3.2.1-2, 4.1.1-2, 4.2.1-3, 4.3.5, 4.4.1-4, 4.5.1-3, 4.5.5. The collection is available for consultations during lectures, tutorials and office hours.

List of accepted presentations.

Project Assignments

You should make a short project proposal (at most one page) by February 8. The following issues should be addressed: Project assignments are due by May 15 when the demos of the implementations are arranged.

Submitting the Project

A short (10 pages absolute maximum) description of the implementation is required. The report should contain: The report should be in ASCII or PostScript format.

Make a compressed archive (tar+gz, zip) that contains the source files and the document and send it to If you have modified an existing implementation, please mark the modifications in the source code.

List of accepted project assignments.

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