TCS / Studies / T-79.230 / 2001
Helsinki University of Technology, 
     Laboratory for Theoretical Computer Science

Tik-79.230 Foundations of Agent-Based Computing

Spring 2000

Other years: [Spring 2001] [Spring 1999]

Topics of this course include theory, implementation technology and applications of agent-based systems.

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General Information



January 18: Introduction, RoboCup demo at tutorials
Practical arrangements, brief introduction to agents
January 25: Lecture 1 (questions), no tutorial this week
Intelligent agents
February 1: Lecture 2 (questions), Tutorial 1 (solutions)
February 8: Lecture 3 (questions), Tutorial 2 (solutions)
Probabilistic reasoning systems
February 15: Lecture 4 (questions), Tutorial 3 (solutions)
Making simple decisions
February 22: no lecture this week
Project assignments are launched
February 29: Lecture 5 (questions), Tutorial 4 (solutions)
Making complex decisions
March 7: Lecture 6, Tutorial 5 (solutions)
Learning from observations
March 14: Break (project assignments)
March 21: Seminar
Presentations: Kokkola (11-12)
March 28: Seminar
Presentations: Pääkkönen (11-12), Kujala (12-13), Hirsimäki (13-14)
April 4: Seminar
Presentations: Hautio (11-12), Mannisto (12-13), Sunila (13-14)
April 11: Seminar
Presentations: Korhonen (12-13)
April 18: Break (project assignments)
April 25: Easter vacation
May 2: Break (project assignments)
May 16: Project assignments due
Presentations and demos

Seminar Presentations

Please see the list of available articles; reservations during lectures or by contacting the lecturer. List of accepted presentations.

Project Assignments

Please consult separate instructions for compulsory project assignments.

List of accepted project assignments.

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