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T-79.192 Special Course in Theoretical Computer Science (2 cr)

Autumn 2003

This autumn the course will take the form of an interactive lecture on special issues of military grade wireless ad hoc networks. Some specific topics to be studied include: security, reliability, mobility management, routing, level of trust, and context awareness.

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Exam: 19.12.2003 at 9-13 in T1 lecturing hall

Material for the exam:
[Course slides]
And background information of the following links:
  • "Prevention of Denial of Service Attacks and selfishness in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks"
  • "Game theoretic analysis of security in mobile ad hoc networks"
  • Claude Castelluccia (INRIA): Securing MANET with cryptographically generated addresses
  • Bridget Dahill, Brian Levine, Elizabeth M. Belding-Royer, and Clay Shields. "A Secure Routing Protocol for Ad hoc Networks." UMass Tech Report 02-32, 2002.
  • A New Set of Passive Routing Attacks in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks - Jiejun Kong,Xiaoyan Hong, Mario Gerla - IEEE MILCOM'03
  • Adaptive Security for Multi-layer Ad-hoc Networks Jiejun Kong, Haiyun Luo, Kaixin Xu, Daniel Lihui Gu, Mario Gerla, Songwu Lu Special Issue of Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing, John Wiley InterScience Press

  • General

    • Coordinator: Prof. Hannu H. Kari, room TB253.
    • Registration by TOPI, attending the first meeting, or by contacting the coordinator.
    • Exam: A normal exam is held after the course

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