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T-79.179 Parallel and Distributed Digital Systems (3 cr)

Spring 2005

The T-79.179 course in Spring 2005 considered Petri nets and process algebras as formalisms that support formal analysis of parallel and distributed digital systems.


Lectures and exercise sessions

  • The lectures were on Mondays at 17–20 in T2. The first lecture was on January 17. The lectures were in Finnish.
  • There were two mutually exclusive exercise groups. The sessions of these two groups were equivalent in content. For the first group, the sessions were in Finnish. For the second group, the sessions were in English.
    • The sessions of the first group, i.e. the exercise sessions in Finnish, were on Wednesdays at 8–10 in T2. The first exercise session in Finnish was on January 19.
    • The sessions of the second group, i.e. the exercise sessions in English, were on Thursdays at 8–10 in T2. The first exercise session in English was on January 20.

Course staff



Requirements for passing the course

In order to pass, a student must pass an exam and every part of a three-part one-person project. The course grade, expressed by using the C programming language, is
where T, U, V and W are of type int and between 0 and 5, T is the exam grade, and U, V and W are the grades of the parts of the project.

Required textbooks

  • [Rei85] Wolfgang Reisig, Petri Nets: An Introduction, Springer 1985, 161 pp., ISBN 0-387-13723-8, or equivalently, ISBN 3-540-13723-8.
  • [Fok00] Wan Fokkink, Introduction to Process Algebra, Springer 2000, 163 pp., ISBN 3-540-66579-X.

Handouts (opetusmonisteet)

Programme of the lectures and of the exercise sessions


  • Friday, May 13, 2005, at 13–16 in T1 and/or in K. PostScript, PDF
  • Wednesday, August 31, 2005, at 13–16 in T1. PostScript, PDF
  • Friday, December 16, 2005, at 9–12 in T1.
  • Monday, February 27, 2006, at 17–20 in T1.
  • Each examinee is supposed to have read the textbooks [Rei85] and [Fok00] before attending an exam. Any other material in the course is technically redundant with respect to the exams.

Availability of the required textbooks

  • HUT Main Library, at least up to the extent expressed by the following excerpt from "One copy of required textbooks has been reserved for reading room use. These are available at the loans counter. The copies reserved for reading room use can be borrowed only overnight and over a weekend."
  • HUT Library of Computer Science and Engineering, at least up to the extent expressed by the following excerpt from "Kurssikirjojen käsikirjastokappaleita annetaan yö- ja viikonloppulainaksi; lainaus alkaa 1 tunti ennen sulkemisaikaa. Yölainat on palautettava lukukauden aikana ja lukukauden ulkopuolella seuraavana aukiolopäivänä 1 tunnin kuluessa kirjaston avaamisesta."
  • Some www bookstores sell used copies of [Rei85].
  • Unused copies of [Fok00] can be bought from any bookstore that sells academic textbooks.
  • Though you might wish a place from which photocopies could be borrowed, please do not assume that the course staff would provide such a place.

On the project

Material for the project


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T-79.179 in the past

Spring 2004, Spring 2003, Spring 2002, Spring 2001, Spring 2000.

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