Tik-79.154 Logic in Computer Science: Special Topics II

Autumn 1997 (Autumn 1999)

This is an advanced course on logic and its applications in computer science and engineering. Subjects covered this year are: advanced decision methods for propositional logic (Davis-Putnam, BDDs, stochastic methods) and for rule-based reasoning.

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Lecture Notes

(Slides in PostScript; in Finnish)
Introduction to the course and a refresher on classical logic
Davis-Putnam method
tutorial 1 (solutions)
Binary Decision Diagrams
tutorial 2 (solutions)
Local Search Methods
tutorial 3 (solutions)
Rule-based reasoning I
tutorial 4 (solutions)
Rule-based reasoning II
tutorial 5 (solutions)
Case study: planning as satisfiability
Case study: planning using logic programs + complexity considerations


Home Assignments

There is a compulsory home assignment for each student. The assigments are now available. If you do not yet have one, please contact the lecturer. For further details, see the
instructions (in Finnish).

Each student gives a short presentation (15 min) on the home assignment on Dec 2, 1997. For grading of the returned assignments, see summary of the results.

Other Interesting Stuff

Robbins Algebras Are Boolean
Information on a proof of a famous mathematical conjecture found by an automated theorem prover.

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