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The software below is provided on "as is" basis, without warranties of any kind or fitness for a particular purpose.


The copyright for the binaries is held by Tomi Janhunen and by Emilia Oikarinen (shuffle). You may freely use this software for academic and research purposes but not redistribute it.

Linux Binaries

Individual programs (ELF 64-bit LSB executables, for AMD x86-64, version 1 SYSV, GNU/Linux 2.6.15):

Individual programs (ELF 32-bit LSB executables, for Intel 80386, version 1 SYSV, GNU/Linux 2.4.1):

All latest i386 versions in one 3.4 MB archive (as of 2009-12-29, 2008-11-27, 2008-09-02, 2007-08-28, 2007-07-04).

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