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Optimization, block designs and No Free Lunch theorems


Evan Griffiths and Pekka Orponen. Optimization, block designs and No Free Lunch theorems. Information Processing Letters, 94(2):55–61, April 2005.


We study the precise conditions under which all optimization strategies for a given family of finite functions yield the same expected maximisation performance, when averaged over a uniform distribution of the functions. In the case of bounded-length searches in a family of Boolean functions, we provide tight connections between such ``No Free Lunch'' conditions and the structure of -designs and -wise balanced designs for arbitrary values . As a corollary, we obtain a nontrivial family of -variate Boolean functions that satisfies the ``No Free Lunch`` condition with respect tosearches of length . Modifying the construction, we also obtain nontrivial ``No Free Lunch`` families of functions with large ranges.


theory of computation, combinatorial problems, optimization, No Free Lunch theorems, combinatorial designs

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