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Implementing a CTL Model Checker


Keijo Heljanko. Implementing a CTL model checker. In L. Czaja, P. Starke, H.-D. Burkhard, and M. Lenz, editors, Proceedings of the Workshop Concurrency, Specification & Programming 1996, Informatik-Bericht Nr. 69, pages 75–84, Berlin, Germany, September 1996. Humboldt-University, Berlin.


This paper discusses the implementation of a branching time temporal logic CTL model checker for the PROD Pr/T-Net Reachability analysis tool. A new algorithm for model checking CTL is presented. This algorithm doesn't need the converse of the transition relation as the EMC algorithm does [4]. The algorithm also provides a counterexample and witness facility using one-pass reachability graph traversal. The ALMC local model checking algorithm as presented in [10] uses a two-pass algorithm. The new algorithm presented here is a global model checking algorithm and requires less memory in the worst case than the local model checking ALMC algorithm.


model checking, temporal logic, CTL, verification, PROD

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