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Condensed storage of multi-set sequences


Marko Mäkelä. Condensed storage of multi-set sequences. In Kurt Jensen, editor, Practical Use of High-Level Petri Nets, number 547 in DAIMI report PB, pages 111–125. University of Århus, Denmark, June 2000.


Tools for state space exploration, or reachability analysers, work by incrementally constructing a set of reachable states. The applicability of these tools is limited by the vast state space of real systems. One way to attack this problem are different reduction methods - another approach is to come up with techniques for representing the set of reachable states in a compact way. The state - or marking - of a high-level Petri net can be viewed as a sequence of finite multi-sets. A method for encoding markings containing structured values is described, and a comparison to an earlier implementation is presented.


Petri nets, reachability analysis, encoding multi-sets, ordered data types

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