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News and events 2002

13.12. Formal Methods Forum, room TB353, at 14.15-15.00
Petteri Kaski, M.Sc. (Tech.): A classification approach for Steiner triple systems and some related combinatorial objects

29.11. Formal Methods Forum, room TB353, at 14.15-15.00
Teemu Tynjälä, M.Sc. (Tech.): Combining Abstractions with Reachability Analysis: A Case Study of the RLC Protocol

22.11. Formal Methods Forum
Dr. Andris Ambainis, University of Latvia (Riga, Latvia)

20. - 22.11. Visiting TCS lab
Dr. Andris Ambainis, University of Latvia (Riga, Latvia)
Course given at TCS: Short Course on Quantum Computing
Host: Prof. Helger Lipmaa

15.11. Formal Methods Forum
Timo Latvala, M.Sc. (Tech.): On Model Checking Safety Properties

8.11. Formal Methods Forum
Emilia Oikarinen: On the Equivalence of Logic Programs

1.11. The public defence of a Doctoral thesis (at 12noon, CS building, lecture hall T2)
Sam Sandqvist, Lic.Sc. (Tech.): Aspects of Modelling and Simulation of Genetic Algorithms: A Formal Approach

25.10. Formal Methods Forum
Manel Guerrero Zapata and N. Asokan (Nokia Research Center): Securing Ad hoc Routing Protocols

11.10. Formal Methods Forum
Dr. Tomi Janhunen: An Approach to Capture Stable Models with Classical Ones

22.9. - 2.10. Visiting TCS lab:
Prof. Victor Marek, University of Kentucky (Lexington, USA)

1.10. Prof. Victor Marek's Talk at TCS
Host: Prof. Ilkka Niemelä

13.9. Formal Methods Forum
Jukka Järvenpää, M.Sc. (Tech.) and Marko Mäkelä, Lic.Sc.(Tech.):
Towards Automated Checking of Component-Oriented Enterprise Applications

6.9. Visiting TCS lab:
Edith Elkind, Princeton University (New Jersey, USA), Talk at TCS
Host: Prof. Helger Lipmaa

3.6. D.Sc. (Tech.) Hannu H Kari has been appointed as a Professor of Computer Science, period in office 1.9.2002-31.8.2007.
(Tekniikan tohtori Hannu H. Kari nimitetty tietojenkäsittelytekniikan professorin virkaan ajalle 1.9.2002-31.8.2007. TKK:n tiedote)

5.2. Professor Pekka Orponen gives his inaugural speech.
(Professori Pekka Orposen virkaanastujaisesitelmä)

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