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The program SATU is an implementation of a SAT solver for computational grids. SATU reads SAT problem instances in dimacs CNF format and provides a simple interface for the computational grid.

The current version is satu-0.2.

SATU is implemented by Antti Hyvärinen.


The most comprehensive documentation for the satu system is currently the technical report which gives a high level description of the system.


SATU is available from here, and is distributed under the GNU Public Licence. Note that you also need the job manager, the NorduGrid source distribution available from and certain other programs described in the documentation of the SATU source code.


Make sure that the job manager is running and you are using the right method in SATU to access it. Then just type

% satu problem.cnf

Related Publications

A. E. J. Hyvärinen, T. Junttila and I. Niemelä: A Distribution Method for Solving SAT in Grids. Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Theory and Applications of Satisfiability Testing, Seattle, August 12 - 15, 2006.

Antti E. J. Hyvärinen: SATU: A system for distributed propositional satisfiability checking in computational grids Research Report A100, Helsinki University of Technology, Laboratory for Theoretical Computer Science, Espoo, Finland, February 2006.

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