T-79.5103 Computational Complexity Theory

Bonus Points (Autumn 2006)

Due to requests in the feedback session we have decided to offer two bonus assignments (HA+) which will be graded on the scale 0 - 1.5 (points). Please note that you cannot revise your answers to these assignments. Bonus assignments are available at the home page of the course, as a bonus round HA+ in the home assignment schedule.

There is yet another source of bonus points: by filling in the feedback form on our web page in time you may earn 0.5 bonus points. Please remember to supply your student ID on the form. This is just to collect the list of students who have given feedback (anonymity is not otherwise compromised).

These bonus points (3.5 at maximum) will be added directly to your accumulated home assignment points. However, they do not affect the grading scale, e.g. the lower bound for the grade 1 is still 50% out of 44 points.