T-79.5102 Special Course in Computational Logic P (4 cr)

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9.1.2009 Preliminary results
The results of the exam that was arranged on December, 18th, 2008, are now available.
18.12.2008 Exam, course feedback, and unfinished projects
The first exam is arranged today (Dec 18). You are allowed to use a normal pocket calculator in the exams.

We welcome your feedback about the course, please use the web form provided by the degree programme. A bonus point (that applies in all three exams) is granted to students who complete the form in time (deadline early Jan, 2009).

If you have not completed your project work yet, I strongly recommend to finish it by the 3rd period, or before the exam you plan to attend, at latest.

Merry Xmas! Tomi Janhunen
11.11.2008 Solutions to exercises
Solutions to exercises have now been added to the respective entires of tutorials.
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Assignment deadlines

Tue 30 Sep 08 at 23.59 Assignment plan
Tue 02 Dec 08 at 23.59 Completed assignment

Exercise groups

Wed 15.15-16.00 30B353 10 Sep - 22 Oct 08 Laskennallisen logiikan erikoiskurssi (H)
Wed 15.15-16.00 30B353 05 Nov - 10 Dec 08 Laskennallisen logiikan erikoiskurssi (H)