T-79.5102 Special Course in Computational Logic

Project Assignments

Project Proposals

An instance of the RoboCup environment (soccer server and monitor) is installed to Niksula workstations (machines named after various spices).

The respective binaries are available in the directory ~tjussila/T-79.230/bin/. Soccer server can be started by running rcssserver, for soccer server monitor use rcssmonitor. To make them work you should set the following environment variables:

When starting the server it prints the following error messages: Syntax error: Bad fd number, but it still seems to be working ok.

Make sure that you don't leave any processes (like rcssserver or clients) running when you stop playing with soccer server.

Team used as an example in the first tutorial session can be found here.

It may be a good idea to have a look at (the sixth chapter of) the soccer server manual which describes the client protocol and gives some hints about implementing clients. We will recommend one or two existing teams to be used as the basis of implementations.

You are supposed to make a short project proposal (at most one page) in which you address the following issues:

Proposals are sent/given to the course assistant (Vesa Ojala).

Installing soccer server

If you want to install soccer server to your own computer, sources for the version installed in niksula are available for download at:

After downloading, install using the instructions in INSTALL file.

System Demonstrations

Latest update: 04 October 2006. Vesa Ojala