Tik-79.230 Foundations of Agent-Based Computing

Spring 1998 (Spring 1999)

This course covers architectures, implementation technology and applications of agent-based systems.

Lecture Notes *** Project assignments *** Seminar talks *** Program

Lecture Notes

(Slides; Postscript form)
Introduction to the course
Intelligent Agents
Introduction to intelligent agents (properties, structure, environments, available AI techniques).
Probability theory
Introduction to probability theory.
Belief networks
Introduction to belief networks.
Simple decisions
Making simple decisions.
Complex decisions
Making complex decisions.

Project Assignment

The project assignments are based on the
RoboCup software platform for playing soccer in a simulated environment. More detailed instructions for the project assignments are available. As an example, see some info on Antti Huima's solution.

The submitted assignments have been graded, see the results.

Seminar Talks

Seminar talks start on Feb 25, 1998. Each talks is c. 45min + discussion and each speaker delivers a PostScript version of the slides. For more details about the assignments and schedule, see the seminar program. The slides for the talks are available through links given in the seminar program.
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