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Tik-79.157 Formal Description and Verification of Computing Systems

Spring 2001 (2 cr)

In spring 2001, Tik-79.157 is devoted to mathematical foundations of Petri net theory. The participants may have to recall certain things from general basic courses on mathematics as well as from the basic course on parallel and distributed systems (Tik-79.179 or Tik-79.231).

In order to pass, it suffices to have sufficiently many acceptable presentations in the seminar which is on Fridays at 15-18 in room TB353 of The Computer Science Building (Konemiehentie 2, Espoo). The precise amount of presentations per participant depends at least on the number of participants.

Teacher: Professor Emeritus Leo Ojala

Course assistant: Dr.Tech. Kimmo Varpaaniemi

Course material:

  • Carl Adam Petri, ``Nets, time and space,'' in Theoretical Computer Science (a journal published by Elsevier Science, Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Vol. 153, No. 1-2, January 1996, pp. 3-48.
  • Carl Adam Petri and Einar Smith, ``Concurrency and Continuity,'' in Grzegorz Rozenberg (Ed.), Advances in Petri Nets 1987, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 266, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, West Germany, 1987, pp. 273-292.
  • other papers on the topic

    Some useful references for absolute beginners (in Finnish):

  • Harri Rikkonen, Matematiikan pitkä peruskurssi II, reaalimuuttujan funktioiden differentiaalilasku, Otakustantamon julkaisu 282, 7. painos, Espoo 1986, 160 s.
  • Harri Rikkonen, Matematiikan pitkä peruskurssi V, vektorimuuttujan funktioiden differentiaalilasku, Otakustantamon julkaisu 315, 4. korjattu painos, Espoo 1982, 143 s.
  • Harri Rikkonen, Matematiikan pitkä peruskurssi I-VI, harjoitustehtävien tulokset, Otakustantamon julkaisu 475, 2. painos, Espoo 1986, 167 s.

    Some advanced courses with related interests:

  • Mat-1.146 Algebran perusteet
  • Mat-1.150 Reaalianalyysi

    NOTE: Professor Nisse Husberg has the course Tik-79.149 Discrete Structures about algebra in computer science. (The study programme of HUT has changed in such a way that Tik-79.149 is a course of this spring.)

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