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These tools translate a normal program into a set of clauses such that any SAT solver can be used to calculate its answer sets. The software is compatible with the intermediate file format of lparse/smodels and can be used with a modern grounder such as gringo. (see the Potassco collection).


Simple Example

The computation of answer sets for program.lp using, e.g., the SAT solver minisat as the back-end:

$ gringo program.lp | lp2atomic | lp2sat > program.cnf
$ gringo program.lp | lp2lp2 | lp2sat > program.cnf
$ minisat program.cnf model.out
$ cat model.out | interpret -p -d program.cnf

The first two lines illustrate the use of either lp2atomic or lp2lp2 for the translation into CNF. After that the SAT solver can be called and any satisfying assignments can be mapped back to answer sets using the tool interpret. To enable this program.cnf contains the required symbolic information as comments. Please refer to the documentation of your SAT solver to see what command line arguments/options are needed for printing the satisfying assignment(s).

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