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3 Invocation

lbtt is started with the command lbtt with optional command line parameters. Before starting the program, however, you need to create a configuration file which lists the LTL-to-Büchi translators to be tested and defines additional testing parameters. See Configuration file. If no suitable configuration file is found or if the configuration file cannot be processed successfully, lbtt exits with an error message.

After reading the configuration file, lbtt starts tests on the LTL-to-Büchi translators listed in the configuration file (for details about the testing procedure, see Test methods). The program exits after a predetermined number of test rounds.

If the program is started in any of its interactive modes (see Interactivity modes), the program may occasionally pause to wait for user input between test rounds. Type `quit <ENTER>' at the prompt to exit lbtt at this point (or see Analyzing test results, for more information on how to use lbtt's internal commands).