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Helsinki University of Technology, 
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Model-Based Safety Evaluation of Automation Systems (MODSAFE)

Feb 1, 2007 - Jan 31, 2011

This research project is part of the SAFIR 2010 program and is done in cooperation with VTT.

Project leader: Prof. Ilkka Niemelš

Research Personnel: Keijo Heljanko, Stud.Tech. Juho Frits, Stud. Tech. Tuomas Launiainen, Stud.Tech. Matti Koskimies, Stud.Tech. Jussi Lahtinen

Summary: The assurance of automation systems and devices for use in critical applications requires careful safety assessment. In this project methods based on formal model checking are developed and applied in the safety analysis of NPP safety automation. The general objectives of the project are: development of methods and procedures for model based safety evaluation of NPP automation; application of the methods in selected case studies; evaluation of suitability of formal model checking methods for NPP automation analysis; operationalization of model based safety evaluation as part of Safety Cases of safety automation systems; and development of recommendations for the practical application of the methods.

Publications of the project

Latest update: 09 January 2011.